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Barriers to Tobacco Cessation for Caregivers of Hospitalized Children: Perspectives of Pediatric Hospitalists.Academic Article Why?
Tobacco Use CessationConcept Why?
Tobacco Use Cessation ProductsConcept Why?
Catley, DelwynPerson Why?
Changing the default for tobacco-cessation treatment in an inpatient setting: study protocol of a randomized controlled trial.Academic Article Why?
African American smokers' intention to use pharmacotherapy for cessation.Academic Article Why?
Improving Quality of Care for Hospitalized Smokers with HIV: Tobacco Dependence Treatment Referral and Utilization.Academic Article Why?
Improving understanding of the quitting process: psychological predictors of quit attempts versus smoking cessation maintenance among college students.Academic Article Why?
Pathways to health: a cluster randomized trial of nicotine gum and motivational interviewing for smoking cessation in low-income housing.Academic Article Why?
Predicting adoption of home smoking restriction by inner-city black smokers.Academic Article Why?
Sustained-release bupropion for smoking cessation in African Americans: a randomized controlled trial.Academic Article Why?
The influence of depressive symptoms on smoking cessation among African Americans in a randomized trial of bupropion.Academic Article Why?
Dual pharmacotherapy and motivational interviewing for tobacco dependence among drug treatment patients.Academic Article Why?
Dec?detexto: Mobile cessation support for Latino smokers. Study protocol for a randomized clinical trial.Academic Article Why?
Feasibility and Effectiveness of Recruiting Latinos in Dec?detexto-A Smoking Cessation Clinical Trial from an Emergency Department Patient Registry.Academic Article Why?
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