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Addressing Social Determinants of Health to Improve Diabetes Prevention Program Outcomes Among Underserved African AmericansGrant Why?
Social Determinants of HealthConcept Why?
Bettenhausen, JessicaPerson Why?
Association of Social Determinants With Children's Hospitals' Preventable Readmissions Performance.Academic Article Why?
Caregiver Opinion of In-Hospital Screening for Unmet Social Needs by Pediatric Residents.Academic Article Why?
ICD Social Codes: An Underutilized Resource for Tracking Social Needs.Academic Article Why?
Laroche, HelenaPerson Why?
Multiple Behavior Change Intervention to Improve Detection of Unmet Social Needs and Resulting Resource Referrals.Academic Article Why?
Puls, HankPerson Why?
Catley, DelwynPerson Why?
Lantos, JohnPerson Why?
Seeking Normalcy as the Curve Flattens: Ethical Considerations for Pediatricians Managing Collateral Damage of Coronavirus Disease-2019.Academic Article Why?
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