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Single-cell analysis of human adipose tissue identifies depot and disease specific cell types.Academic Article Why?
Single-cell analysis of immune cell transcriptome during HIV-1 infection and therapy.Academic Article Why?
Single-Cell Analysis of Quiescent HIV Infection Reveals Host Transcriptional Profiles that Regulate Proviral Latency.Academic Article Why?
Single-Cell AnalysisConcept Why?
Single cell analysis reveals distinct immune landscapes in transplant and primary sarcomas that determine response or resistance to immunotherapy.Academic Article Why?
Smail, CraigPerson Why?
Bradley, ToddPerson Why?
Grundberg, ElinPerson Why?
Cheung, WarrenPerson Why?
Fraser, JasonPerson Why?
Pastinen, TomiPerson Why?
Development and validation of a single-cell network profiling assay-based classifier to predict response to induction therapy in paediatric patients with de novo acute myeloid leukaemia: a report from the Children's Oncology Group.Academic Article Why?
Macrophages in SHH subgroup medulloblastoma display dynamic heterogeneity that varies with treatment modality.Academic Article Why?
Gamis, AlanPerson Why?
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