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Miller, MelissaPerson Why?
Sexual Health and Relationship Abuse Interventions in Pediatric Primary Care: A Systematic Review.Academic Article Why?
A Novel Pediatric Emergency Department Intervention to Improve Adolescent Sexual Health Care.Academic Article Why?
A Research Agenda for Emergency Medicine-based Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health.Academic Article Why?
Addressing Adolescent Relationship Abuse in the Context of Reproductive Health Care.Academic Article Why?
Adolescent Reproductive Health Care: Views and Practices of Pediatric Hospitalists.Academic Article Why?
Brief Behavioral Intervention to Improve Adolescent Sexual Health: A Feasibility Study in the Emergency Department.Academic Article Why?
Caring for Hospitalized Adolescents: Opportunities to Identify and Address Unmet Reproductive Health Needs.Academic Article Why?
Development of a Novel Computerized Clinical Decision Support System to Improve Adolescent Sexual Health Care Provision.Academic Article Why?
Providing adolescent sexual health care in the pediatric emergency department: views of health care providers.Academic Article Why?
Understanding the Sexual and Reproductive Health Needs of Hospitalized Adolescent Males.Academic Article Why?
Stancil, StephaniPerson Why?
Acceptability of sexual health discussion and testing in the pediatric acute care setting.Academic Article Why?
Sexual Health Behaviors and Pregnancy Risk Among Hospitalized Female Adolescents.Academic Article Why?
Reproductive HealthConcept Why?
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