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Carlson, JordanPerson Why?
Subjective Estimation of Physical Activity Using the International Physical Activity Questionnaire Varies by Fitness Level.Academic Article Why?
Calibration of the global physical activity questionnaire to Accelerometry measured physical activity and sedentary behavior.Academic Article Why?
Implementing classroom physical activity breaks: Associations with student physical activity and classroom behavior.Academic Article Why?
White, DavidPerson Why?
Elementary school practices and children's objectively measured physical activity during school.Academic Article Why?
Leisure time physical activity before and during mid-pregnancy and offspring adiposity in mid-childhood.Academic Article Why?
Locations of Physical Activity as Assessed by GPS in Young Adolescents.Academic Article Why?
Nutrition, physical activity, and bone mineral density in youth with autistic spectrum disorders.Academic Article Why?
Promoting youth physical activity through physical education and after-school programs.Academic Article Why?
Siglang Buhay: nutrition and physical activity promotion in Filipino-Americans through community organizations.Academic Article Why?
Sociodemographic moderators of relations of neighborhood safety to physical activity.Academic Article Why?
Socioeconomic disparities in elementary school practices and children's physical activity during school.Academic Article Why?
State policies about physical activity minutes in physical education or during school.Academic Article Why?
Shook, RobinPerson Why?
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