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Barriers and facilitators of family rules and routines during pediatric cancer treatment.Academic Article Why?
Family rules, routines, and caregiver distress during the first year of pediatric cancer treatment.Academic Article Why?
Featured Article: The Relationship Between Parent and Child Distress in Pediatric Cancer: A Meta-Analysis.Academic Article Why?
JPP Student Journal Club Commentary: Stress, Conflict, and the Family System in Pediatric Cancer.Academic Article Why?
The Relationship Between Parent Distress and Child Quality of Life in Pediatric Cancer: A Meta-Analysis.Academic Article Why?
Precision Medicine in Pediatric Cancer: Current Applications and Future Prospects.Academic Article Why?
Review of cardiotoxicity in pediatric cancer patients: during and after therapy.Academic Article Why?
Modeling pediatric cancer trajectories using de-identified EHR dataGrant Why?
Modeling Pediatric Cancer Trajectories using Deidentified EHR DataGrant Why?
Harnessing the Immune System to Fight Pediatric Cancer: Discovering Novel Inducers of Immunogenic Cell DeathGrant Why?
Pediatric colon cancer-When enemies collude.Academic Article Why?
Pediatric Blood & CancerAcademic Article Why?
Farooqi, MidhatPerson Why?
Gastric cancer in the pediatric population, a multicenter cross-sectional analysis of presentation and coexisting comorbidities.Academic Article Why?
Iwakuma, TomooPerson Why?
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