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Patient-provider communication and patient engagement in HIV programs in MaliGrant Why?
Hurley, EmilyPerson Why?
Patient-provider communication and human papillomavirus vaccine acceptance.Academic Article Why?
Patient-provider communication styles in HIV treatment programs in Bamako, Mali: A mixed-methods study to define dimensions and measure patient preferences.Academic Article Why?
The Role of Patient-Provider Communication in Engagement and Re-engagement in HIV Treatment in Bamako, Mali: A Qualitative Study.Academic Article Why?
Protocol for a randomised trial of higher versus lower intensity patient-provider communication interventions to reduce antibiotic misuse in two paediatric ambulatory clinics in the USA.Academic Article Why?
Determinants of Use of Safer Conception Strategies Among HIV Clients in UgandaGrant Why?
Bradley-Ewing, AndreaPerson Why?
Lee, BrianPerson Why?
Myers, AngelaPerson Why?
Provider Communication, Prompts, and Feedback to Improve HPV Vaccination Rates in Resident Clinics.Academic Article Why?
Recommendations for effective newborn screening communication: results of focus groups with parents, providers, and experts.Academic Article Why?
Stigma gets in my way: Factors affecting client-provider communication regarding childbearing among people living with HIV in Uganda.Academic Article Why?
Randell, KimberlyPerson Why?
Warady, BradleyPerson Why?
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