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Patient-provider communication and patient engagement in HIV programs in MaliGrant Why?
Impact of Perceived Barriers on Patient Engagement and Attitudes towards Transition and Transfer.Academic Article Why?
Patient engagement and attrition in pediatric obesity clinics and programs: results and recommendations.Academic Article Why?
Patient ParticipationConcept Why?
Patient Engagement and Attitudes Toward Using the Electronic Medical Record for Medical Research: The 2015 Greater Plains Collaborative Health and Medical Research Family Survey.Academic Article Why?
Allowing Adolescents to Weigh Benefits and Burdens of High-stakes Therapies.Academic Article Why?
Awareness, Care and Treatment In Obesity maNagement to inform Haemophilia Obesity Patient Empowerment (ACTION-TO-HOPE): Results of a survey of US patients with haemophilia and obesity (PwHO) and their partners and caregivers.Academic Article Why?
Community equipoise and the architecture of clinical research.Academic Article Why?
Do Patients Want to Participate in Decisions About Their Own Medical Care?Academic Article Why?
Engaging patients and caregivers in prioritizing symptoms impacting quality of life for Duchenne and Becker muscular dystrophy.Academic Article Why?
Montalbano, AmandaPerson Why?
Patient navigation moderates emotion and information demands of cancer treatment: a qualitative analysis.Academic Article Why?
Pediatric Participation in Medical Decision Making: Optimized or Personalized?Academic Article Why?
Readiness to Change and Prospective Effects of Weight Management Programs in Pediatric Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease.Academic Article Why?
Recruiting primary care practices for practice-based research: a case study of a group-randomized study (TRANSLATE CKD) recruitment process.Academic Article Why?
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