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Abdel-Rahman, SusanPerson Why?
Nutritional and behavioural aspects of nasogastric tube feeding in infants receiving chronic peritoneal dialysis.Academic Article Why?
A safe and efficacious preventive strategy in the high-risk surgical neonate: cycled total parenteral nutrition.Academic Article Why?
Glucose response to discontinuation of parenteral nutrition in patients less than 3 years of age.Academic Article Why?
Evaluating Mid-Upper Arm Circumference Z-Score as a Determinant of Nutrition Status.Academic Article Why?
Early postnatal nutrition and programming of the preterm neonate.Academic Article Why?
Effect of Nutrition on Statural Growth?.Academic Article Why?
Nutrition, physical activity, and bone mineral density in youth with autistic spectrum disorders.Academic Article Why?
Enhancing Nutrition and Activity in Rural ChildrenGrant Why?
Pediatric jejunoileitis: a severe Crohn's disease phenotype that requires intensive nutritional management.Academic Article Why?
A Time-Friendly, Feasible Measure of Nutrition Knowledge in Type 1 Diabetes: The Electronic Nutrition and Carbohydrate Counting Quiz (eNCQ).Academic Article Why?
Construction of Lambda, Mu, Sigma Values for Determining Mid-Upper Arm Circumference z Scores in U.S. Children Aged 2 Months Through 18 Years.Academic Article Why?
Davis, AnnPerson Why?
Withholding nutrition from newborn infants.Academic Article Why?
Cycling Total Parental Nutrition in a Neonatal Surgical Patient: An argument for increased utilizationAcademic Article Why?
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