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Exploring Mental Health Screening and Linkage to Care Among Young African American MenGrant Why?
A pragmatic clinical trial examining the impact of a resilience program on college student mental health.Academic Article Why?
Development and validation of a mental health subscale from the Quality of Well-Being Self-Administered.Academic Article Why?
Interoception and Mental Health: A Roadmap.Academic Article Why?
Latent Variables Quantifying Neighborhood Characteristics and Their Associations with Poor Mental Health.Academic Article Why?
The Inpatient Blindside: Comorbid Mental Health Conditions and Readmissions among Hospitalized Children.Academic Article Why?
Evaluating a measure of social health derived from two mental health recovery measures: the California Quality of Life (CA-QOL) and Mental Health Statistics Improvement Program Consumer Survey (MHSIP).Academic Article Why?
Health Care Utilization and Spending for Children With Mental Health Conditions in Medicaid.Academic Article Why?
Intimate Partner Violence and Current Mental Health Needs Among Female Veterans.Academic Article Why?
Evidence-Based Practice in Child and Adolescent Mental HealthAcademic Article Why?
Hospitalization Outcomes for Rural Children with Mental Health Conditions.Academic Article Why?
Community Mental Health CentersConcept Why?
Community Mental Health ServicesConcept Why?
Mental HealthConcept Why?
Mental Health AssociationsConcept Why?
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