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Improving Hip-Worn Accelerometer Estimates of Sitting Using Machine Learning Methods.Academic Article Why?
Optimizing ChIP-seq peak detectors using visual labels and supervised machine learning.Academic Article Why?
Beyond volume: the impact of complex healthcare data on the machine learning pipelineAcademic Article Why?
Developing Novel Machine Learning Algorithms to Improve Sedentary Assessment for Youth Health Enhancement.Academic Article Why?
Identification of novel antibacterial peptides by chemoinformatics and machine learning.Academic Article Why?
Machine Learning and Brain Imaging: Opportunities and Challenges.Academic Article Why?
Predicting Age From Brain EEG Signals-A Machine Learning Approach.Academic Article Why?
Machine LearningConcept Why?
Supervised Machine LearningConcept Why?
Unsupervised Machine LearningConcept Why?
Machine Learning Analysis of the Relationships Between Gray Matter Volume and Childhood Trauma in a Transdiagnostic Community-Based Sample.Academic Article Why?
Yeh, Hung-WenPerson Why?
Miller, NeilPerson Why?
Staggs, VincentPerson Why?
Feldman, KeithPerson Why?
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