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LipopolysaccharidesConcept Why?
Sampath, VenkateshPerson Why?
FOSL1 is a novel mediator of endotoxin/lipopolysaccharide-induced pulmonary angiogenic signaling.Academic Article Why?
Lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-mediated angiopoietin-2-dependent autocrine angiogenesis is regulated by NADPH oxidase 2 (Nox2) in human pulmonary microvascular endothelial cells.Academic Article Why?
Lipopolysaccharide-induced cytokine expression in alveolar epithelial cells: role of PKC?-mediated p47phox phosphorylation.Academic Article Why?
LPS-mediated endothelial activation in pulmonary endothelial cells: role of Nox2-dependent IKK-? phosphorylation.Academic Article Why?
Nitkin, ChristopherPerson Why?
Rentea, RebeccaPerson Why?
Angiopoietin-1 protects against endotoxin-induced neonatal lung injury and alveolar simplification in mice.Academic Article Why?
Balancing anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant responses in murine bone marrow derived macrophages.Academic Article Why?
Histone deacetylase 6 regulates endothelial MyD88-dependent canonical TLR signaling, lung inflammation, and alveolar remodeling in the developing lung.Academic Article Why?
Attenuation of lipopolysaccharide-induced oxidative stress and apoptosis in fetal pulmonary artery endothelial cells by hypoxia.Academic Article Why?
Early enteral stressors in newborns increase inflammatory cytokine expression in a neonatal necrotizing enterocolitis rat model.Academic Article Why?
Endogenous production of nitric oxide in endotoxemic piglets.Academic Article Why?
Endothelial immune activation programmes cell-fate decisions and angiogenesis by inducing angiogenesis regulator DLL4 through TLR4-ERK-FOXC2 signalling.Academic Article Why?
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