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Considering Decision-Making and Sexuality in Menstrual Suppression of Teens and Young Adults with Intellectual Disabilities.Academic Article Why?
Hypotonia and intellectual disability without dysmorphic features in a patient with PIGN-related disease.Academic Article Why?
Fragile X Mental Retardation ProteinConcept Why?
Intellectual DisabilityConcept Why?
Mental Retardation, X-LinkedConcept Why?
Use of audio cuing to expand employment opportunities for adolescents with autism spectrum disorders and intellectual disabilities.Academic Article Why?
Dual Molecular Effects of Dominant RORA Mutations Cause Two Variants of Syndromic Intellectual Disability with Either Autism or Cerebellar Ataxia.Academic Article Why?
Soden, SarahPerson Why?
15q11.2 proximal imbalances associated with a diverse array of neuropsychiatric disorders and mild dysmorphic features.Academic Article Why?
Genome-wide gene expression in a patient with 15q13.3 homozygous microdeletion syndrome.Academic Article Why?
Long-Term Outcomes of a Multidisciplinary Weight Management Intervention for Youth with Disabilities.Academic Article Why?
Neurocognitive outcomes in children with chronic kidney disease: Current findings and contemporary endeavors.Academic Article Why?
Lantos, JohnPerson Why?
Sweeney, BrookePerson Why?
Le Pichon, Jean-BaptistePerson Why?
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