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Effect of 2 urban emergency department immunization programs on childhood immunization rates.Academic Article Why?
Immunization ProgramsConcept Why?
Pahud, BarbaraPerson Why?
A randomized study of tracking with outreach and provider prompting to improve immunization coverage and primary care.Academic Article Why?
Adolescent vaccination: recommendations from the National Vaccine Advisory Committee.Academic Article Why?
Assessing the acceptability and feasibility of a school-located influenza vaccination program with third-party billing in elementary schools.Academic Article Why?
Controversies in vaccine mandates.Academic Article Why?
Cost effectiveness of school-located influenza vaccination programs for elementary and secondary school children.Academic Article Why?
Decline in physician referrals to health department clinics for immunizations: the role of vaccine financing.Academic Article Why?
Effectiveness of a citywide patient immunization navigator program on improving adolescent immunizations and preventive care visit rates.Academic Article Why?
Effectiveness of centralized text message reminders on human papillomavirus immunization coverage for publicly insured adolescents.Academic Article Why?
Immunisation against chickenpox.Academic Article Why?
Immunization practices of pediatricians and family physicians in the United States.Academic Article Why?
Increasing inner-city adult influenza vaccination rates: a randomized controlled trial.Academic Article Why?
Reducing geographic, racial, and ethnic disparities in childhood immunization rates by using reminder/recall interventions in urban primary care practices.Academic Article Why?
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