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Cardiovascular Outcomes Research Training ProgramGrant Why?
Distribution of feeding styles after pyloromyotomy among pediatric surgical training programs in North America.Academic Article Why?
Needs Assessment for Resident Education Within the Collaboration for Vaccine Education and Research (CoVER)Academic Article Why?
A randomized controlled trial of breastfeeding support and education for adolescent mothers.Academic Article Why?
Engaging pediatric health professionals in interactive online ethics education.Academic Article Why?
The inflammatory bowel disease live interinstitutional and interdisciplinary videoconference education (IBD LIVE) series.Academic Article Why?
Pediatric analgesic clinical trial designs, measures, and extrapolation: report of an FDA scientific workshop.Academic Article Why?
Sheltered WorkshopsConcept Why?
Virtual Education During COVID-19 and Beyond.Academic Article Why?
Statistical challenges in nursing education and research: an expert panel consensus.Academic Article Why?
"The 10th International MDM2 Workshop": Opening up new avenues for MDM2 and p53 research, the First International MDM2 Workshop in Asia.Academic Article Why?
Conference Scene: Lessons learned from the 5th Statistical Analysis Workshop of the Pharmacogenetics Research Network.Academic Article Why?
Foundational Health Content in Environmental Studies, Sciences, and Sustainability Education; Report of a WorkshopAcademic Article Why?
Improving Clinical Care for Children With CKD: A Report From a National Kidney Foundation Scientific Workshop.Academic Article Why?
Peritoneal dialysis workshop: pediatrics recommendations.Academic Article Why?
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