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Initiating the ketogenic diet in infants with treatment refractory epilepsy while maintaining a breast milk diet.Academic Article Why?
Lane, RobertPerson Why?
Obesity Genes, Energy Regulation in Response to Weight-Loss DietsGrant Why?
Maternal Diet Modifies the Fetal Primate Epigenome and Circadian Gene ExpressionGrant Why?
Changes in diet behavior when adults become parents.Academic Article Why?
A maternal high-fat diet modulates fetal SIRT1 histone and protein deacetylase activity in nonhuman primates.Academic Article Why?
The effect of a high-calorie diet on bone growth is mediated by the insulin receptor.Academic Article Why?
Combination of intrauterine growth restriction and a high-fat diet impairs cholesterol elimination in rats.Academic Article Why?
Diet and physical activity changes among low-income families: perspectives of mothers and their children.Academic Article Why?
Management of symptomatic cholelithiasis while on ketogenic diet: a case report.Academic Article Why?
The Cost of a Healthier Diet for Young Children With Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus.Academic Article Why?
The independent association between diet quality and body composition.Academic Article Why?
Difference in Housing Temperature-Induced Energy Expenditure Elicits Sex-Specific Diet-Induced Metabolic Adaptations in Mice.Academic Article Why?
Maternal obesity and high-fat diet program offspring metabolic syndrome.Academic Article Why?
The Ketogenic Diet Does Not Affect Growth of Hedgehog Pathway Medulloblastoma in Mice.Academic Article Why?
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