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Long-Term Aripiprazole in Youth With Developmental Disabilities Including Autism.Academic Article Why?
Developmental DisabilitiesConcept Why?
1.39 Mb inherited interstitial deletion in 12p13.33 associated with developmental delay.Academic Article Why?
15q11.2 proximal imbalances associated with a diverse array of neuropsychiatric disorders and mild dysmorphic features.Academic Article Why?
A 15q13.3 homozygous microdeletion associated with a severe neurodevelopmental disorder suggests putative functions of the TRPM1, CHRNA7, and other homozygously deleted genes.Academic Article Why?
Current advances in chronic kidney disease in children: growth, cardiovascular, and neurocognitive risk factors.Academic Article Why?
De novo frameshift mutation in ASXL3 in a patient with global developmental delay, microcephaly, and craniofacial anomalies.Academic Article Why?
Developmental outcomes of very preterm infants with tracheostomies.Academic Article Why?
Effect of Therapeutic Hypothermia Initiated After 6 Hours of Age on Death or Disability Among Newborns With Hypoxic-Ischemic Encephalopathy: A Randomized Clinical Trial.Academic Article Why?
Effectiveness of exome and genome sequencing guided by acuity of illness for diagnosis of neurodevelopmental disorders.Academic Article Why?
Functional disability in adolescents with orthostatic intolerance and chronic pain.Academic Article Why?
Hypotonia and intellectual disability without dysmorphic features in a patient with PIGN-related disease.Academic Article Why?
Lane, RobertPerson Why?
Neurocognitive outcomes in children with chronic kidney disease: Current findings and contemporary endeavors.Academic Article Why?
Neurodevelopment of infants with end-stage renal disease: is it improving?Academic Article Why?
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