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Park, TaejuPerson Why?
Curran, TomPerson Why?
Fibroblast Growth Requires CT10 Regulator of Kinase (Crk) and Crk-like (CrkL).Academic Article Why?
Crk1/2 and CrkL form a hetero-oligomer and functionally complement each other during podocyte morphogenesis.Academic Article Why?
Essential roles of Crk and CrkL in fibroblast structure and motility.Academic Article Why?
Crk and CrkL are required for cell transformation by v-fos and v-ras.Academic Article Why?
Crk and CrkL as Therapeutic Targets for Cancer Treatment.Academic Article Why?
Requirement for Crk and CrkL during postnatal lens development.Academic Article Why?
"Requirement of CT10 regulator of kinase (Crk) and Crk-like (CrkL) in glioblastoma growth"Grant Why?
Quantitative assessment of glioblastoma phenotypes in vitro establishes cell migration as a robust readout of Crk and CrkL activity.Academic Article Why?
Crk and Crkl have shared functions in neural crest cells for cardiac outflow tract septation and vascular smooth muscle differentiation.Academic Article Why?
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