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Lantos, JohnPerson Why?
University of Pennsylvania 8th annual conference on statistical issues in clinical trials: Pragmatic clinical trials (morning panel).Academic Article Why?
Considerations in the rational design and conduct of phase I/II pediatric clinical trials: avoiding the problems and pitfalls.Academic Article Why?
Ethical issues in neonatal and pediatric clinical trials.Academic Article Why?
Considerations in the evaluation and determination of minimal risk in pragmatic clinical trials.Academic Article Why?
Harmonization and streamlining of research oversight for pragmatic clinical trials.Academic Article Why?
Accuracy of Adverse Event Ascertainment in Clinical Trials for Pediatric Acute Myeloid Leukemia.Academic Article Why?
Successful recruitment of minorities into clinical trials: The Kick It at Swope project.Academic Article Why?
Assessing usual care in clinical trials.Academic Article Why?
Improving publication rates in a collaborative clinical trials research network.Academic Article Why?
Inclusion of Adolescents and Young Adults in Cancer Clinical Trials.Academic Article Why?
Pahud, BarbaraPerson Why?
St Peter, ShawnPerson Why?
Ethical considerations in randomized controlled clinical trials.Academic Article Why?
Surgical treatment for women with breast cancer: do randomized clinical trials represent current medical practices?Academic Article Why?
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