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Management of electrical and chemical burns in children.Academic Article Why?
Outcomes of nasal bridling to secure enteral tubes in burn patients.Academic Article Why?
Obesity: influence on length of hospital stay for the pediatric burn patient.Academic Article Why?
Effect of N-acetylcysteine treatment on oxidative stress and inflammation after severe burn.Academic Article Why?
Effect of N-acetylcysteine treatment on the expression of leukocyte surface markers after burn injury.Academic Article Why?
Same day/next day discharge of burn patients treated with skin grafts.Academic Article Why?
Biobrane versus duoderm for the treatment of intermediate thickness burns in children: a prospective, randomized trial.Academic Article Why?
Influence of body mass index on skin grafting in pediatric burns.Academic Article Why?
Variation in acute fluid resuscitation among pediatric burn centers.Academic Article Why?
Defining Benchmarks in Pediatric Burn Care: Inception of the Pediatric Injury Quality Improvement Collaborative.Academic Article Why?
The Utility of Long-term Propranolol in Pediatric Burn PatientsAcademic Article Why?
Burn UnitsConcept Why?
Juang, DavidPerson Why?
Functional Outcome of Immediate Split Thickness Skin Grafting of Deep Hand BurnsAcademic Article Why?
Time course of pro- and anti-inflammatory cytokine levels in patients with burns--prognostic value of interleukin-10.Academic Article Why?
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