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Role of reelin in the control of brain development.Academic Article Why?
Thyroid hormone regulates reelin and dab1 expression during brain development.Academic Article Why?
Brain development: integrins and the Reelin pathway.Academic Article Why?
Reelin mRNA expression during embryonic brain development in the chick.Academic Article Why?
Park, TaejuPerson Why?
Developmental mouse brain gene expression maps.Academic Article Why?
Developmental traumatic brain injury decreased brain derived neurotrophic factor expression late after injury.Academic Article Why?
Developmental expression of Fos-lacZ in the brains of postnatal transgenic rats.Academic Article Why?
Lane, RobertPerson Why?
Early and sustained increase in the expression of hippocampal IGF-1, but not EPO, in a developmental rodent model of traumatic brain injury.Academic Article Why?
A neurogenomics approach to gene expression analysis in the developing brain.Academic Article Why?
Gene expression changes with age in skin, adipose tissue, blood and brain.Academic Article Why?
Short Term Development and Fate of MGE-Like Neural Progenitor Cells in Jaundiced and Non-Jaundiced Rat Brain.Academic Article Why?
The neuroprotective enzyme CYP2D6 increases in the brain with age and is lower in Parkinson's disease patients.Academic Article Why?
Curran, TomPerson Why?
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