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Anxiety DisordersConcept Why?
Neighborhood affluence is not associated with positive and negative valence processing in adults with mood and anxiety disorders: A Bayesian inference approach.Academic Article Why?
Multimethod, multi-informant agreement, and positive predictive value in the identification of child anxiety disorders using the SCAS and ADIS-C.Academic Article Why?
Allan, CarlaPerson Why?
Anxiety syndromes and symptoms among men with AIDS: a longitudinal controlled study.Academic Article Why?
The Elicitation of Relaxation and Interoceptive Awareness Using Floatation Therapy in Individuals With High Anxiety Sensitivity.Academic Article Why?
Yeh, Hung-WenPerson Why?
Inflammatory bowel disease.Academic Article Why?
The relationship of mood, endocrine, and sexual disorders in human immunodeficiency virus positive (HIV+) women: an exploratory study.Academic Article Why?
Wallace, DustinPerson Why?
Goggin, KathyPerson Why?
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