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Analytical BiochemistryAcademic Article Why?
Management and Outcome of Mucosal Injury During Pyloromyotomy--An Analytical Survey Study.Academic Article Why?
Chemistry Techniques, AnalyticalConcept Why?
Microchip Analytical ProceduresConcept Why?
Microfluidic Analytical TechniquesConcept Why?
Toren, PaulPerson Why?
UGT2B17 and SULT1A1 gene copy number variation (CNV) detection by LabChip microfluidic technology.Academic Article Why?
Ultrasensitive quantification of tumor mRNAs in extracellular vesicles with an integrated microfluidic digital analysis chip.Academic Article Why?
Leeder, J. StevenPerson Why?
Integrated exosomes profiling for minimally invasive diagnosis and monitoring of cancerGrant Why?
Gaedigk, AndreaPerson Why?
Samuel, GlensonPerson Why?
Children's Mercy Hospital Collaborative Fellowship Program in Pediatric PharmacologyGrant Why?
Molecular assessment of circulating exosomes toward liquid biopsy diagnosis of Ewing sarcoma family of tumors.Academic Article Why?
Abdel-Rahman, SusanPerson Why?
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