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Child Opportunity Index and Rehospitalization for Ambulatory Care Sensitive Conditions at US Children's Hospitals.Academic Article Why?
A Response to "Pediatric Referrals to an Emergency Department From Urgent Care Centers".Academic Article Why?
Factors Associated With Urgent Care Reliance and Outpatient Health Care Use Among Children Enrolled in Medicaid.Academic Article Why?
Length of Stay for Patients With Limited English Proficiency in Pediatric Urgent Care.Academic Article Why?
The Child Opportunity Index 2.0 and Hospitalizations for Ambulatory Care Sensitive Conditions.Academic Article Why?
Universal Adolescent Suicide Screening in a Pediatric Urgent Care Center.Academic Article Why?
Urgent Care and Emergency Department Visits in the Pediatric Medicaid Population.Academic Article Why?
Urgent Care Utilization in the Pediatric Medicaid Population.Academic Article Why?
A Multisite Collaborative to Decrease Inappropriate Antibiotics in Urgent Care Centers.Academic Article Why?
Impact of an antibiotic stewardship program on antibiotic choice, dosing, and duration in pediatric urgent cares.Academic Article Why?
Improving Communication for Admissions From Urgent Care to Inpatient Using a Structured Handoff.Academic Article Why?
Mealtime insulin BOLUS score increases prior to clinic visits in youth with type 1 diabetes.Academic Article Why?
Outcomes of a Structured Ambulatory Care Health Care Transition Approach in a Large Children's Hospital.Academic Article Why?
Urgent Care: A Valuable New Setting for Training Physician Assistant Students.Academic Article Why?
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