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Miller, MelissaPerson Why?
"There is no free here, you have to pay": actual and perceived costs as barriers to intermittent preventive treatment of malaria in pregnancy in Mali.Academic Article Why?
Improving asthma research in an inner-city Latino neighborhood with community health workers.Academic Article Why?
Patients' experiences with navigation for cancer care.Academic Article Why?
Who should get the last PICU bed?Academic Article Why?
Lantos, JohnPerson Why?
Challenges to vaccinating adolescents: vaccine implementation issues.Academic Article Why?
Critical Access to Care: Bringing Contraception to Adolescents in Nontraditional Settings.Academic Article Why?
Decreasing patient cost and travel time through pediatric rheumatology telemedicine visits.Academic Article Why?
Dispensing medications at the hospital upon discharge from an emergency department.Academic Article Why?
Goggin, KathyPerson Why?
Hurley, EmilyPerson Why?
"Our hands are tied up": current state of safer conception services suggests the need for an integrated care model.Academic Article Why?
Child and Parent Access to Transplant Information and Involvement in Treatment Decision Making.Academic Article Why?
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