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White, DavidPerson Why?
Aerobic exercise during pregnancy influences fetal cardiac autonomic control of heart rate and heart rate variability.Academic Article Why?
Breathing ExercisesConcept Why?
Muscle Stretching ExercisesConcept Why?
Problems and ExercisesConcept Why?
Fetal cardiac autonomic control during breathing and non-breathing epochs: the effect of maternal exercise.Academic Article Why?
Practices and Procedures in Clinical Pediatric Exercise Laboratories in North America.Academic Article Why?
Exercise capacity in pediatric patients with end-stage renal disease.Academic Article Why?
Carlson, JordanPerson Why?
Aerobic exercise but not resistance exercise reduces intrahepatic lipid content and visceral fat and improves insulin sensitivity in obese adolescent girls: a randomized controlled trial.Academic Article Why?
Chest pain in otherwise healthy children and adolescents is frequently caused by exercise-induced asthma.Academic Article Why?
Exercise-induced bronchoconstriction update-2016.Academic Article Why?
Human phenylethanolamine N-methyltransferase genetic polymorphisms and exercise-induced epinephrine release.Academic Article Why?
Neuroimaging studies of factors related to exercise: rationale and design of a 9 month trial.Academic Article Why?
Pathogenesis, prevalence, diagnosis, and management of exercise-induced bronchoconstriction: a practice parameter.Academic Article Why?
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