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Carlson, JordanPerson Why?
Dissemination and Implementation of an Evidence-Based Pediatric Weight Management Program for Use by Low-Income Families: A User-Friendly Package of Family-Based Behavioral TreatmentGrant Why?
Implementation Strategies and Effectiveness for Walking School Bus ProgramsGrant Why?
SPeCTRE 2.0: The Sunflower Pediatric Clinical Trials Research ExtensionGrant Why?
Promoting Healthy Relationships among At-Risk Adolescents: A Feasibility Trial in the Emergency DepartmentGrant Why?
Goggin, KathyPerson Why?
Data Coordinating and Operations Center for the ECHO IDeA States Pediatric Clinical Trials NetworkGrant Why?
Cancer Center Support GrantGrant Why?
Frontiers: University of Kansas Clinical and Translational Science InstituteGrant Why?
Cardiovascular Outcomes Research Training ProgramGrant Why?
Davis, AnnPerson Why?
Randell, KimberlyPerson Why?
Leeder, J. StevenPerson Why?
Tam-Williams, JadePerson Why?
Vivian, JayPerson Why?
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