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Latent variables for region of interest activation during the monetary incentive delay task.Academic Article Why?
Self-efficacy and motivation to quit during participation in a smoking cessation program.Academic Article Why?
Change in self-efficacy, autonomous and controlled motivation predicting smoking.Academic Article Why?
Employee Incentive PlansConcept Why?
Physician Incentive PlansConcept Why?
Reimbursement, IncentiveConcept Why?
Relationship of Autonomy Social Support to Quitting Motivation in Diverse Smokers.Academic Article Why?
Resource Utilized in a Randomized Clinical Trial to Recruit Smokers with Low Motivation to Quit.Academic Article Why?
MotivationConcept Why?
Catley, DelwynPerson Why?
Goggin, KathyPerson Why?
Adding Social Determinant Data Changes Children's Hospitals' Readmissions Performance.Academic Article Why?
Cognitive complexity of clients and counsellors during motivation-based treatment for smoking cessation: an observational study on occasional smokers in a US college sample.Academic Article Why?
A motivational interviewing course for pharmacy students.Academic Article Why?
A Randomized Trial of Motivational Interviewing: Cessation Induction Among Smokers With Low Desire to Quit.Academic Article Why?
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