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Blood Coagulation DisordersConcept Why?
Blood Coagulation Disorders, InheritedConcept Why?
Carpenter, ShannonPerson Why?
A two-center retrospective review of the hematologic evaluation and laboratory abnormalities in suspected victims of non-accidental injury.Academic Article Why?
Evaluating for suspected child abuse: conditions that predispose to bleeding.Academic Article Why?
Evaluation for bleeding disorders in suspected child abuse.Academic Article Why?
Factoring Them In: Shining the Spotlight on Women and Girls with Congenital Bleeding Disorders.Academic Article Why?
Hepatitis B vaccination is effective by subcutaneous route in children with bleeding disorders: a universal data collection database analysis.Academic Article Why?
Kid cards: teaching children about their medicines.Academic Article Why?
Menstrual Patterns and Treatment of Heavy Menstrual Bleeding in Adolescents with Bleeding Disorders.Academic Article Why?
Relevance of Abusive Head Trauma to Intracranial Hemorrhages and Bleeding Disorders.Academic Article Why?
Sharma, MuktaPerson Why?
Stegenga, KristinPerson Why?
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