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Carlson, JordanPerson Why?
Parental and Adolescent Perceptions of Neighborhood Safety Related to Adolescents' Physical Activity in Their Neighborhood.Academic Article Why?
Neighborhood Environments and Cardiometabolic Disorders in Hispanic/LatinosGrant Why?
Evaluating a brief self-report measure of neighborhood environments for physical activity research and surveillance: Physical Activity Neighborhood Environment Scale (PANES).Academic Article Why?
Latent Variables Quantifying Neighborhood Characteristics and Their Associations with Poor Mental Health.Academic Article Why?
Marriage and parenthood in relation to obesogenic neighborhood trajectories: The CARDIA study.Academic Article Why?
Neighborhood built environment associations with adolescents' location-specific sedentary and screen time.Academic Article Why?
Neighborhood preference, walkability and walking in overweight/obese men.Academic Article Why?
Sociodemographic moderators of relations of neighborhood safety to physical activity.Academic Article Why?
Work and Home Neighborhood Design and Physical Activity.Academic Article Why?
Residence CharacteristicsConcept Why?
Neighborhood affluence is not associated with positive and negative valence processing in adults with mood and anxiety disorders: A Bayesian inference approach.Academic Article Why?
Neighborhood built environment and socioeconomic status in relation to physical activity, sedentary behavior, and weight status of adolescents.Academic Article Why?
Perceived Neighborhood Environmental Attributes Associated with Walking and Cycling for Transport among Adult Residents of 17 Cities in 12 Countries: The IPEN Study.Academic Article Why?
Social and built neighborhood environments and blood pressure 6 years later: Results from the Hispanic Community Health Study/Study of Latinos and the SOL CASAS ancillary study.Academic Article Why?
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