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Report of an NIH task force on research priorities in chronic kidney disease in children.Academic Article Why?
The Potential Benefits of Research May Justify Certain Research Risks.Academic Article Why?
Cerebellar Mutism Syndrome in Pediatric Neuro-oncology: A Multidisciplinary Perspective and Call for Research Priorities.Academic Article Why?
The safety of asthma medications during pregnancy and lactation: Clinical management and research priorities.Academic Article Why?
Systematically Tabulated Outcomes Research Matrix (STORM): a methodology to generate research hypotheses.Academic Article Why?
Harmonization and streamlining of research oversight for pragmatic clinical trials.Academic Article Why?
Cardiovascular Outcomes Research Training ProgramGrant Why?
The Belmont Report and Innovative Clinical Research.Academic Article Why?
Building a Bridge Between Genetics and Outcomes Research: Application in Autism (The AutGO Study).Academic Article Why?
Human subjects protection: an event monitoring committee for research studies of girls from breast cancer families.Academic Article Why?
Use of altered informed consent in pragmatic clinical research.Academic Article Why?
Incorporating genetics in patient-centered outcomes research: An engagement model for the autism research communityGrant Why?
Research Institute Research InformaticsDepartment Why?
If We Would Only Ask: How Henrietta Lacks Continues to Teach Us About Perceptions of Research and Genetic Research Among African Americans Today.Academic Article Why?
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