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A new pediatrics for a new century.Academic Article Why?
A proactive, data-based determination of the standard of medical care in pediatrics.Academic Article Why?
Does pediatrics need its own bioethics?Academic Article Why?
Shared Decisions in Pediatrics.Academic Article Why?
Simulation in pediatrics.Academic Article Why?
A tale of dollars, pediatrics, and late-night calls about infant constipation.Academic Article Why?
A web-based assessment of pediatrics resident medical knowledge in childhood hereditary gastrointestinal cancer predisposing syndromes.Academic Article Why?
Antibacterial agents in pediatrics.Academic Article Why?
Clinical Ethics in Pediatrics: An International Perspective.Academic Article Why?
Creating the Subspecialty Pediatrics Investigator Network.Academic Article Why?
Early Adversity, Toxic Stress, and Resilience: Pediatrics for Today.Academic Article Why?
Enhancing pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic knowledge in pediatrics.Academic Article Why?
Pharmacogenetics in pediatrics. Implications for practice.Academic Article Why?
Telemedicine for General Pediatrics.Academic Article Why?
The challenges of delivering pharmacogenomics into clinical pediatrics.Academic Article Why?
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