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Increasing sodium removal on peritoneal dialysis: applying dialysis mechanics to the peritoneal dialysis prescription.Academic Article Why?
Peritonitis with continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis and continuous cycling peritoneal dialysis.Academic Article Why?
Dialysis disequilibrium syndrome (DDS) in pediatric patients on dialysis: systematic review and clinical practice recommendations.Academic Article Why?
Comorbidities in chronic pediatric peritoneal dialysis patients: a report of the International Pediatric Peritoneal Dialysis Network.Academic Article Why?
International Society for Peritoneal Dialysis practice recommendations: Prescribing high-quality goal-directed peritoneal dialysis.Academic Article Why?
Is growth a valid outcome measure of dialysis clearance in children undergoing peritoneal dialysis?Academic Article Why?
Ventriculoperitoneal shunts in children on peritoneal dialysis: a survey of the International Pediatric Peritoneal Dialysis Network.Academic Article Why?
Neutral pH and low-glucose degradation product dialysis fluids induce major early alterations of the?peritoneal membrane in children on peritoneal?dialysis.Academic Article Why?
An update on peritoneal dialysis and hemodialysis in the pediatric population.Academic Article Why?
Dialysis and renal transplantation in infants with irreversible renal failure.Academic Article Why?
Higher eGFR at Dialysis Initiation Is Not Associated with a Survival Benefit in Children.Academic Article Why?
Peritoneal membrane transport function in children receiving long-term dialysis.Academic Article Why?
Vitamin D status of children receiving chronic dialysis.Academic Article Why?
Vitamin status of pediatric patients receiving long-term peritoneal dialysis.Academic Article Why?
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