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Effect of N-acetylcysteine treatment on oxidative stress and inflammation after severe burn.Academic Article Why?
Nitkin, ChristopherPerson Why?
Sampath, VenkateshPerson Why?
Nrf2 as a Master Regulator in Liver Disease Prevention and TherapyGrant Why?
New Insight Into Metformin Action: Regulation of ChREBP and FOXO1 Activities in Endothelial Cells.Academic Article Why?
Inflammatory mediators and surgical trauma regarding laparoscopic access: free radical mediated reactions.Academic Article Why?
Reperfusion injury and inflammatory responses following acute lower limb revascularization surgery.Academic Article Why?
Warady, BradleyPerson Why?
Friesen, CraigPerson Why?
Clements, MarkPerson Why?
Fridley, BrookePerson Why?
Lane, RobertPerson Why?
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