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Vivekanand Yadav, PhD

TitleDoctoral Research Faculty
InstitutionChildren's Mercy Kansas City
Address2401 Gillham Rd
Kansas City Missouri 64108
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    Other Positions
    TitleAssistant Professor
    InstitutionUniversity of Missouri-Kansas City

    TitleAssistant Professor
    InstitutionUniversity of Kansas Medical Center
    DepartmentCancer Biology

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    University of Pune, IndiaPh.D01/2012Biotechnology
    Karmanos Cancer Institute, Wayne State University, Detroit, USAPostDoctoral06/2013Cancer Biology
    University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USAPostDoctoral06/2018Neuro-Oncology
    University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USAResearch Investigator05/2022Pediatric Neuro-Oncology
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    2021 - 2023New Investigator Award , Chad Tough Defeat DIPG Foundation
    2020Faculty award for basic science research, Department of Pediatrics, University of Michigan

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    Diffuse midline gliomas (DMGs) are the most aggressive pediatric high-grade gliomas and are the leading cause of cancer-related deaths in children. At present, there are no effective therapies for DMGs tumors, and over 90% of patients die within 1.5 years of diagnosis. In his lab, Dr. Yadav is leading efforts to understand genetic and epigenetic dependencies and signaling pathways that arise as a consequence of the H3K27M mutation in DMG. His lab performs pre-clinical studies using a novel in utero electroporation (IUE)-derived genetically engineered mouse model to identify promising candidates that can be targeted as therapy for the treatment of DMG.

    1-Identifying genomic and epigenetic drivers of pediatric brain tumors with specific genetic alterations (H3K27M or H3G34R/V) using next-generation sequencing and a novel in utero electroporation (IUE) genetically engineered mouse model.

    2-Developing more effective treatments by dissecting the resistance mechanisms of pediatric brain tumors using genome-wide CRISPR-based genetic screens.
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    AWD018127     (Vivekanand Yadav)Aug 1, 2021 - Feb 29, 2024
    The ChadTough Defeat DIPG Foundation for the 'New Investigator Award
    Epigenetically activated ID1 is a key transcriptional regulator of DIPG Invasion and is targetable with cannabidiol

         (Vivekanand Yadav)Oct 1, 2022 - Sep 30, 2023
    Tom Keaveny Award
    Upregulation of prenatal pontine ID1 signaling in DIPG,

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