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Child Health Needs and the Pediatric Infectious Diseases Workforce: 2020-2040.Academic Article Why?
Low-cost interventions improve indoor air quality and children's health.Academic Article Why?
Summary of the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development-best pharmaceuticals for Children Act Pediatric Formulation Initiatives Workshop-Pediatric Biopharmaceutics Classification System Working Group.Academic Article Why?
Baby Doe five years later. Implications for child health.Academic Article Why?
A Novel Partnership Disrupts the Norm in Early Childhood Education and Pediatric Health Care.Academic Article Why?
Adverse drug reaction active surveillance: developing a national network in Canada's children's hospitals.Academic Article Why?
Association of Income Inequality With Pediatric Hospitalizations for Ambulatory Care-Sensitive Conditions.Academic Article Why?
Associations Between Objective Sleep Behaviors and Blood Glucose Variability in Young Children With Type 1 Diabetes.Academic Article Why?
Early Adversity, Toxic Stress, and Resilience: Pediatrics for Today.Academic Article Why?
Effectiveness of telemedicine in replacing in-person evaluation for acute childhood illness in office settings.Academic Article Why?
Enhancing alternatives to eating in infantsGrant Why?
Ethical aspects of pediatric home care.Academic Article Why?
Financial Loss for Inpatient Care of Medicaid-Insured Children.Academic Article Why?
Four recent health reform initiatives: implications for pediatric health reform.Academic Article Why?
How much time is spent on well-child care and vaccinations?Academic Article Why?
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