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Intravenous palivizumab and ribavirin combination for respiratory syncytial virus disease in high-risk pediatric patients.Academic Article Why?
Seasonality, clinical characteristics, and outcomes of respiratory syncytial virus disease by subtype among children less than five years old, New Vaccine Surveillance Network, United States, 2016-2020.Academic Article Why?
A ten-year retrospective evaluation of acute flaccid myelitis at 5 pediatric centers in the United States, 2005-2014.Academic Article Why?
Comparative analysis of three multiplex platforms for the detection of respiratory viral pathogens.Academic Article Why?
Comparison of three multiplex gastrointestinal platforms for the detection of gastroenteritis viruses.Academic Article Why?
Emergence of Parechovirus A4 Central Nervous System Infections among Infants in Kansas City, Missouri, USA.Academic Article Why?
Emerging Respiratory Viruses in Children.Academic Article Why?
Frequency of asymptomatic and symptomatic respiratory virus detection in pediatric hematopoietic cell transplant patients.Academic Article Why?
Impact of intercurrent respiratory infections on lung health in infants born <29 weeks with bronchopulmonary dysplasia.Academic Article Why?
Neutralizing Antibody against Enterovirus D68 in Children and Adults before 2014 Outbreak, Kansas City, Missouri, USA1.Academic Article Why?
Pediatric Infectious Disease: Part I. Preface.Academic Article Why?
Rehabilitation Outcomes in Children With Acute Flaccid Myelitis From 2014 to 2019: A Multicenter Retrospective Review.Academic Article Why?
Seroepidemiology of Parechovirus A3 Neutralizing Antibodies, Australia, the Netherlands, and United States.Academic Article Why?
Immunoglobulins that bind to uncoated ELISA plate surfaces: appearance in mice during infection with lactate-dehydrogenase-elevating virus and in human anti-nuclear antibody-positive sera.Academic Article Why?
Increase in Acute Respiratory Illnesses Among Children and Adolescents Associated with Rhinoviruses and Enteroviruses, Including Enterovirus D68 - United States, July-September 2022.Academic Article Why?
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