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Q&A: Tom Curran on translational research.Academic Article Why?
Heartland Institute for Clinical and Translational ResearchGrant Why?
Basic and translational research in neonatal pharmacology.Academic Article Why?
Translational Research – It Takes Two to Tango!Academic Article Why?
Reproducibility of academic preclinical translational research: lessons from the development of Hedgehog pathway inhibitors to treat cancer.Academic Article Why?
Frontiers: University of Kansas Clinical and Translational Science InstituteGrant Why?
Centromeric DNA instability as a biomarker in Acute Lymphoblastic LeukemiaGrant Why?
It's Time to Reverse our Thinking: The Reverse Translation Research Paradigm.Academic Article Why?
Maternal oxysterol metabolism in dyslipidemic pregnanciesGrant Why?
Frontiers Clinical and Translational Science Institute at the University of KansasGrant Why?
Effects of Liver Adiposity on the Pharmacometabolomics of Statin Disposition and Response in ChildrenGrant Why?
Commentary on the Don Ostrow Trieste Yellow Retreat 2019: a successful biennium, what next?Academic Article Why?
Reverse Translation in Advancing Pharmacotherapy in Pediatric Rheumatology: A Logical Approach in Rare Diseases with Limited Resources.Academic Article Why?
Use of genome-wide association studies for drug repositioning.Academic Article Why?
Children’s Mercy Hospital Collaborative Fellowship Program in Pediatric PharmacologyGrant Why?
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