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Comparison of echocardiographic measurements to invasive measurements of diastolic function in infants with single ventricle physiology: a report from the Pediatric Heart Network Infant Single Ventricle Trial.Academic Article Why?
Assessment of Diastolic Function in Single-Ventricle Patients After the Fontan Procedure.Academic Article Why?
Harnessing Teams and Technology to Improve Outcomes in Infants With Single Ventricle.Academic Article Why?
Outcomes of circumcision in children with single ventricle physiology.Academic Article Why?
Ability of Video Telemetry to Predict Unplanned Hospital Admissions for Single Ventricle Infants.Academic Article Why?
Incidence and outcome of cardiopulmonary resuscitation in patients with shunted single ventricle: advantage of right ventricle to pulmonary artery shunt.Academic Article Why?
A Phase III Safety Extension Study of Udenafil in Adolescents with Single Ventricle Physiology after Fontan Palliation (FUEL Extension)Grant Why?
Multicenter study comparing shunt type in the norwood procedure for single-ventricle lesions: three-dimensional echocardiographic analysis.Academic Article Why?
A descriptive correlational study of rate and determinants of parental mHealth adherence to symptom home monitoring for infants with congenital heart disease during the single ventricle interstage period: The DOMAIN studyAcademic Article Why?
Defining a new normal: A qualitative exploration of the parent experience during the single ventricle congenital heart disease interstage periodAcademic Article Why?
Interstage Home Monitoring for Infants With Single Ventricle Heart Disease: Education and Management: A Scientific Statement From the American Heart Association.Academic Article Why?
Interstage Outcomes in Infants With Single Ventricle Heart Disease Comparing Home Monitoring Technology to Three-Ring Binder Documentation: A Randomized Crossover Study.Academic Article Why?
Parental mobile health adherence to symptom home monitoring for infants with congenital heart disease during the single ventricle interstage period: A concept analysis.Academic Article Why?
Does initial shunt type for the Norwood procedure affect echocardiographic measures of cardiac size and function during infancy?: the Single Vventricle Reconstruction trial.Academic Article Why?
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