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Commentary: Putting tools in context: how pediatric psychologists can leverage science to improve clinical care.Academic Article Why?
Interactions of psychosocial factors with built environments in explaining adolescents' active transportation.Academic Article Why?
Unraveling Complexity about Childhood Obesity and Nutritional Interventions: Modeling Interactions Among Psychological Factors.Academic Article Why?
The use of telemedicine in pediatric psychology: research review and current applications.Academic Article Why?
Connelly, MarkPerson Why?
Bakula, DanaPerson Why?
Schurman, JenniferPerson Why?
Addressing Barriers to Career Development Awards for Early Career Women in Pediatric Psychology.Academic Article Why?
Davis, AnnPerson Why?
Clinical Practice in Pediatric PsychologyAcademic Article Why?
Health-Related Quality of Life Predicts Psychology Referral in Youth with Inflammatory Bowel Disease.Academic Article Why?
Dreyer Gillette, MeredithPerson Why?
Nadler, CyPerson Why?
American Psychological Foundation/Council of Graduate Departments of Psychology (APF/COGDOP) GraduatAward or Honor Receipt Why?
Aspirations (Psychology)Concept Why?
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