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A preliminary examination of the intergenerational continuity of maternal psychopathic features.Academic Article Why?
Author's Response: Deaf Children, Cochlear Implants, and Language Acquisition.Academic Article Why?
Engaging Clinical Nurses in Research: Nurses' Experiences Delivering a Communication Intervention in a Behavioral Oncology Clinical Trial.Academic Article Why?
Fertility Preservation for a Transgender Teenager.Academic Article Why?
Parent psychological flexibility in the context of pediatric pain: Brief assessment and associations with parent behaviour and child functioning.Academic Article Why?
Parent Responses to Child Pain During Intensive Interdisciplinary Pain Treatment and 1-Year Follow-Up.Academic Article Why?
Parental illness encouragement behavior among children with functional gastrointestinal disorders: a factor analysis with implications for research and clinical practice.Academic Article Why?
Parental Perceptions of Pediatric Pain and POTS-Related Disability.Academic Article Why?
Should All Deaf Children Learn Sign Language?Academic Article Why?
The patient-parent-pediatrician relationship: everyday ethics in the office.Academic Article Why?
The Relevance of Parental Adverse Childhood Experiences in Pediatric Practice.Academic Article Why?
Shared Responsibility for Type 1 Diabetes Care Is Associated With Glycemic Variability and Risk of Glycemic Excursions in Youth.Academic Article Why?
Association of Parental Adverse Childhood Experiences and Current Child Adversity.Academic Article Why?
Nutritional and behavioural aspects of nasogastric tube feeding in infants receiving chronic peritoneal dialysis.Academic Article Why?
Parent perceptions of child vulnerability are associated with functioning and health care use in children with chronic pain.Academic Article Why?
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