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Building a Bridge Between Genetics and Outcomes Research: Application in Autism (The AutGO Study).Academic Article Why?
Cardiovascular Outcomes Research Training ProgramGrant Why?
The AutGO Initiative: A Conceptual Framework for Developing Genetics-Outcomes Research Hypotheses.Academic Article Why?
Systematically Tabulated Outcomes Research Matrix (STORM): a methodology to generate research hypotheses.Academic Article Why?
Incorporating genetics in patient-centered outcomes research: An engagement model for the autism research communityGrant Why?
Outcomes research in pediatric surgery. Part 1: overview and resources.Academic Article Why?
Contemporary Management of Appendicitis in Children.Academic Article Why?
Developing and Testing a Personalized, Evidence-Based, Shared Decision-Making Tool for Stent Selection in PCIGrant Why?
Developing measures of pediatric nursing quality.Academic Article Why?
Do what you say and say what you are going to do: A preliminary meta-analysis of client change and sustain talk subtypes in motivational interviewing.Academic Article Why?
Estimating risk associated with care in alternative settings: deterioration among children hospitalized.Academic Article Why?
Infants born at <29 weeks: pulmonary outcomes from a hybrid perinatal system.Academic Article Why?
Living on a prayer: religious affiliation and trauma outcomes.Academic Article Why?
Meta-Analyses of the Effects of Standardized Handoff Protocols on Patient, Provider, and Organizational Outcomes.Academic Article Why?
Motivational Interviewing to Reduce Substance Use in Adolescents with Psychiatric Comorbidity.Academic Article Why?
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