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Pervasive errors in hypothesis testing: Toward better statistical practice in nursing research.Academic Article Why?
Building a Research Team in Adolescent/Young Adult Oncology Nursing.Academic Article Why?
Moving nursing beyond p < .05.Academic Article Why?
Moving nursing beyond p?<?.05.Academic Article Why?
Moving nursing beyond p?<?0.05.Academic Article Why?
Statistical challenges in nursing education and research: an expert panel consensus.Academic Article Why?
Engaging Clinical Nurses in Research: Nurses' Experiences Delivering a Communication Intervention in a Behavioral Oncology Clinical Trial.Academic Article Why?
Reliability of the nursing care hour measure: a descriptive study.Academic Article Why?
Hyperthermia during repair of pectus excavatum.Academic Article Why?
Midnight census revisited: Reliability of patient day measurements in US hospital units.Academic Article Why?
Patient falls: Association with hospital Magnet status and nursing unit staffing.Academic Article Why?
Agreement of fall classifications among staff in United States hospitalsAcademic Article Why?
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