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Understanding and Preventing Health Concerns About Emerging Mobile Health Technologies.Academic Article Why?
Understanding Factors That Influence Mobile Health Implementation Using Evidence-Driven ApproachesAcademic Article Why?
Acceptability of Intervention Design Factors in mHealth Intervention Research: Experimental Factorial Study.Academic Article Why?
Evidence-based development and implementation of mobile health interventions in clinical settings and patient populationsGrant Why?
Increasing adolescent access to healthcare using peer social networks and mobile health services.Grant Why?
Leveraging mHealth care model for pediatric enteral feeding tube weaning: CHAMP for the FeederGrant Why?
An interactive mHealth app for better glycemic control in families of young kids with T1DGrant Why?
Could Telemedicine Be Here to Stay? Understanding the Rapidly Changing Landscape of Telemedicine in Allergy and Immunology Practice.Academic Article Why?
Tips for Seeing Patients via Telemedicine.Academic Article Why?
Differences in diagnosis and treatment using telemedicine versus in-person evaluation of acute illness.Academic Article Why?
Identifying pathways to quitting smoking via telemedicine-delivered care.Academic Article Why?
Patient and Clinician Attitudes Toward Telemedicine for Allergy and Immunology.Academic Article Why?
Telemedicine for Allergy Services to Rural Communities.Academic Article Why?
Telemedicine for General Pediatrics.Academic Article Why?
The Regulatory Environment of Telemedicine After COVID-19.Academic Article Why?
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