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Applying the ecological model of behavior change to a physical activity trial in retirement communities: description of the study protocol.Academic Article Why?
Directly Comparing Handoff Protocols for Pediatric Hospitalists.Academic Article Why?
Elective laparoscopic gastrostomy in children: potential for an enhanced recovery protocol.Academic Article Why?
Feeding Advancement and Simultaneous Transition to Discharge (FASTDischarge) after laparoscopic gastrostomy.Academic Article Why?
Is a New Protocol for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Research or Standard Therapy?Academic Article Why?
Meta-Analyses of the Effects of Standardized Handoff Protocols on Patient, Provider, and Organizational Outcomes.Academic Article Why?
Non-accidental trauma: A national survey on management.Academic Article Why?
Ought 'standard care' be the 'standard of care'? A study of the time to administration of antibiotics in children with meningitis.Academic Article Why?
Prospective observational study with an abbreviated protocol in the management of blunt renal injury in children.Academic Article Why?
Protocol versus ad libitum feeds after laparoscopic pyloromyotomy: a prospective randomized trial.Academic Article Why?
Enhancing Outpatient Dihydroergotamine Infusion With Interdisciplinary Care to Treat Refractory Pediatric Migraine: Preliminary Outcomes From the Comprehensive Aggressive Migraine Protocol ("CAMP").Academic Article Why?
Bone marrow transplantation in sickle cell disease: the trade-off between early mortality and quality of life.Academic Article Why?
Same day discharge protocol implementation trends in laparoscopic cholecystectomy in pediatric patients.Academic Article Why?
Changing the default for tobacco-cessation treatment in an inpatient setting: study protocol of a randomized controlled trial.Academic Article Why?
Distribution of feeding styles after pyloromyotomy among pediatric surgical training programs in North America.Academic Article Why?
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