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Bioinformatic identification of novel early stress response genes in rodent models of lung injury.Academic Article Why?
Fridley, BrookePerson Why?
Statistical and Bioinformatics Analysis of Data from Bulk and Single-Cell RNA Sequencing Experiments.Academic Article Why?
The clinical bioinformatics ontology: a curated semantic network utilizing RefSeq information.Academic Article Why?
Computational BiologyConcept Why?
Multi-Institutional FASTQ File Exchange as a Means of Proficiency Testing for Next-Generation Sequencing Bioinformatics and Variant Interpretation.Academic Article Why?
Autism Genetic Database (AGD): using bioinformatics to study the genetics of autismGrant Why?
Cheung, WarrenPerson Why?
GMSimpute: a generalized two-step Lasso approach to impute missing values in label-free mass spectrum analysis.Academic Article Why?
Platform dependence of inference on gene-wise and gene-set involvement in human lung development.Academic Article Why?
A comparative study on computational two-block motif detection: algorithms and applications.Academic Article Why?
Gene characterization index: assessing the depth of gene annotation.Academic Article Why?
Genetic studies of complex human diseases: characterizing SNP-disease associations using Bayesian networks.Academic Article Why?
Integrative clustering of multi-level 'omic data based on non-negative matrix factorization algorithm.Academic Article Why?
Interrogation of CYP2D6 Structural Variant Alleles Improves the Correlation Between CYP2D6 Genotype and CYP2D6-Mediated Metabolic Activity.Academic Article Why?
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